A module with a package-wide random number generator, used for weight initialization and seeding noise layers. This can be replaced by a numpy.random.RandomState instance with a particular seed to facilitate reproducibility.

Note: When using cuDNN, the backward passes of convolutional and max-pooling layers will introduce additional nondeterminism (for performance reasons). For 2D convolutions, you can enforce a deterministic backward pass implementation via the Theano flags dnn.conv.algo_bwd_filter=deterministic and dnn.conv.algo_bwd_data=deterministic. Alternatively, you can disable cuDNN completely with dnn.enabled=False.


Get the package-level random number generator.

:class:`numpy.random.RandomState` instance

The numpy.random.RandomState instance passed to the most recent call of set_rng(), or numpy.random if set_rng() has never been called.


Set the package-level random number generator.

new_rng : numpy.random or a numpy.random.RandomState instance

The random number generator to use.