Helper functions

get_output Computes the output of the network at one or more given layers.
get_output_shape Computes the output shape of the network at one or more given layers.
get_all_layers This function gathers all layers below one or more given Layer instances, including the given layer(s).
get_all_params Returns a list of Theano shared variables or expressions that parameterize the layer.
count_params This function counts all parameters (i.e., the number of scalar values) of all layers below one or more given Layer instances, including the layer(s) itself.
get_all_param_values This function returns the values of the parameters of all layers below one or more given Layer instances, including the layer(s) itself.
set_all_param_values Given a list of numpy arrays, this function sets the parameters of all layers below one or more given Layer instances (including the layer(s) itself) to the given values.

Layer base classes

Layer The Layer class represents a single layer of a neural network.
MergeLayer This class represents a layer that aggregates input from multiple layers.

Network input

InputLayer This layer holds a symbolic variable that represents a network input.

Dense layers

DenseLayer A fully connected layer.
NINLayer Network-in-network layer.

Convolutional layers

Conv1DLayer 1D convolutional layer
Conv2DLayer 2D convolutional layer
Conv3DLayer 3D convolutional layer
TransposedConv2DLayer 2D transposed convolution layer
Deconv2DLayer alias of TransposedConv2DLayer
DilatedConv2DLayer 2D dilated convolution layer

Local layers

LocallyConnected2DLayer 2D locally connected layer

Pooling layers

MaxPool1DLayer 1D max-pooling layer
MaxPool2DLayer 2D max-pooling layer
MaxPool3DLayer 3D max-pooling layer
Pool1DLayer 1D pooling layer
Pool2DLayer 2D pooling layer
Pool3DLayer 3D pooling layer
Upscale1DLayer 1D upscaling layer
Upscale2DLayer 2D upscaling layer
Upscale3DLayer 3D upscaling layer
GlobalPoolLayer Global pooling layer
FeaturePoolLayer Feature pooling layer
FeatureWTALayer ‘Winner Take All’ layer
SpatialPyramidPoolingLayer Spatial Pyramid Pooling Layer

Recurrent layers

CustomRecurrentLayer A layer which implements a recurrent connection.
RecurrentLayer Dense recurrent neural network (RNN) layer
LSTMLayer A long short-term memory (LSTM) layer.
GRULayer Gated Recurrent Unit (GRU) Layer
Gate Simple class to hold the parameters for a gate connection.

Noise layers

DropoutLayer Dropout layer
dropout alias of DropoutLayer
dropout_channels Convenience function to drop full channels of feature maps.
spatial_dropout Convenience function to drop full channels of feature maps.
dropout_locations Convenience function to drop full locations of feature maps.
GaussianNoiseLayer Gaussian noise layer.

Shape layers

ReshapeLayer A layer reshaping its input tensor to another tensor of the same total number of elements.
reshape alias of ReshapeLayer
FlattenLayer A layer that flattens its input.
flatten alias of FlattenLayer
DimshuffleLayer A layer that rearranges the dimension of its input tensor, maintaining the same same total number of elements.
dimshuffle alias of DimshuffleLayer
PadLayer Pad all dimensions except the first batch_ndim with width zeros on both sides, or with another value specified in val.
pad alias of PadLayer
SliceLayer Slices the input at a specific axis and at specific indices.

Merge layers

ConcatLayer Concatenates multiple inputs along the specified axis.
concat alias of ConcatLayer
ElemwiseMergeLayer This layer performs an elementwise merge of its input layers.
ElemwiseSumLayer This layer performs an elementwise sum of its input layers.

Normalization layers

LocalResponseNormalization2DLayer Cross-channel Local Response Normalization for 2D feature maps.
BatchNormLayer Batch Normalization
batch_norm Apply batch normalization to an existing layer.

Embedding layers

EmbeddingLayer A layer for word embeddings.

Special-purpose layers

NonlinearityLayer A layer that just applies a nonlinearity.
BiasLayer A layer that just adds a (trainable) bias term.
ScaleLayer A layer that scales its inputs by learned coefficients.
standardize Convenience function for standardizing inputs by applying a fixed offset and scale.
ExpressionLayer This layer provides boilerplate for a custom layer that applies a simple transformation to the input.
InverseLayer The InverseLayer class performs inverse operations for a single layer of a neural network by applying the partial derivative of the layer to be inverted with respect to its input: transposed layer for a DenseLayer, deconvolutional layer for Conv2DLayer, Conv1DLayer; or an unpooling layer for MaxPool2DLayer.
TransformerLayer Spatial transformer layer
TPSTransformerLayer Spatial transformer layer
ParametricRectifierLayer A layer that applies parametric rectify nonlinearity to its input following [R6ee2c8fdcfdf-1].
prelu Convenience function to apply parametric rectify to a given layer’s output.
RandomizedRectifierLayer A layer that applies a randomized leaky rectify nonlinearity to its input.
rrelu Convenience function to apply randomized rectify to a given layer’s output.


corrmm.Conv2DMMLayer 2D convolutional layer




dnn.Conv2DDNNLayer 2D convolutional layer
dnn.Conv3DDNNLayer 3D convolutional layer
dnn.MaxPool2DDNNLayer 2D max-pooling layer
dnn.Pool2DDNNLayer 2D pooling layer
dnn.MaxPool3DDNNLayer 3D max-pooling layer
dnn.Pool3DDNNLayer 3D pooling layer
dnn.SpatialPyramidPoolingDNNLayer Spatial Pyramid Pooling Layer
dnn.BatchNormDNNLayer Batch Normalization
dnn.batch_norm_dnn Apply cuDNN batch normalization to an existing layer.